Roasted Cacao Nibs (Plain)
Roasted Cacao Nibs (Plain)
Roasted Cacao Nibs (Plain)
Roasted Cacao Nibs (Plain) - Cacao Culture Farms

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Roasted Cacao Nibs (Plain)

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What are Cacao Nibs?

Unsweetened & Roasted Cacao Nibs. Cacao nibs are cacao beans that have been separated from the husk. Our cacao nibs are roasted, adding a depth of flavor. 

How To Use Cacao Nibs

Your cacao nibs can be enjoyed straight from the pack, or blended into smoothies, added onto pastries, ice cream, fudge, trail mixes, baked goods and even adding flavor to your kombucha. It is also a healthier alternative to chocolate chips, and can be mixed with your coffee, milk, cookies, pancakes and a lot more.

 Other Information About this Product

  • Vegan: Yes

  • Sugar-Free: Yes

  • Storage: Store in a cool dry place.

  • Shelf life: Consume within 1 yr

  • Country of Origin: Philippines (Davao City)